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Dr. Marsh MEDICAL RELEASE FORM fax to 847-327-1512
Mohs Surgery for Skin Cancer

Eric J. Marsh, MD is board-certified in dermatology and has been treating skin cancers for over sixteen years.

Dr. Marsh provides treatment for skin cancer and growths including Mohs micrographic surgery in Wisconsin. Patients may see him for any ongoing condition. Please schedule your appointment by calling 262-898-4400 or 800-227-5135. Dr. Marsh also plans to see patients in the Gurnee clinic (behind Key Lime Cove) beginning in 2015.

The combined effects of increasing federal regulations, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act mandates, escalating penalties for non-compliance, and burdensome government audits have placed unworkable demands on small family-run solo medical practices. It is with deep regret that we have closed the Libertyville office. If you need records for ongoing care please print and complete the medical release form then fax it to 847-327-1512.

We thank you for the privilege of serving you in Lake County for the past seven years.

For ongoing general dermatologic care contact Great Lakes Dermatology at 800-227-5135 to schedule an appointment.

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